Become a master chef of pastries and cakes

Would you like to be a master chef or pastries and cakes?One of the core units when undertaking a Certificate III in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery) is the fabulous SITHCCC014A Prepare pastries, cakes and yeast goods.

The unit introduces you to a number of valuable skils including logical and time-efficient work flow; organisational skills and teamwork; safe work practices (in particular in relation to use of machinery and hot ovens and surfaces) as well as waste minimisation techniques.

During your training you also will gain a knowledge of:-

  • varieties and characteristics of pastries, cakes and yeast-based products, both classical and contemporary
  • past and current trends in pastries, cakes and yeast-based goods
  • underlying principles of making pastry and yeast-based products, including basic food science in relation to yeast
  • nutrition related to pastries, cakes and yeast-based goods
  • culinary terms related to pastries, cakes and yeast-based goods commonly used in the industry
  • principles and practices of hygiene, particularly in relation to handling pastes and dough
  • storage of cakes and pastries to maintain freshness and quality
  • costing, yield testing and portion control for pastries, cakes and yeast-based goods.

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a master chef, capable of producing tantalising cakes and mouthwatering pastries why not consider a career in Commercial Cookery.