Bar service of Wine

Use hospitality training to provide excellent serviceWhen serving wine in a busy bar, wine is commonly dispersed from casks stored in the cellar, like beer or aerated soft drinks.  In venues with less demand, house wines are often served from bag-in-box casks.  It’s important to keep these casks out-of-view from customers.

Here is a simple and effective procedure your staff can follow when pouring bottled wine for a customer:

  1. Ask the customer how many glasses they will require
  2. Make sure you show the customer wine bottles with the label facing towards them, so that they can confirm that it is the wine they would like
  3. When confirmed, cut the foil neatly and use a ‘waiter’s friend’ to lift off the cap
  4. Ensure that there is no dirt on the bottle

Pour the wine to the appropriate level in front of the customer on the bar.