RMLV Course: Banning patrons and risk management

rmlv course

One of the objectives of the RMLV course (Responsible Management of Licensed Venues) training is to encourage licensees and approved managers to use risk management and self-audit processes for the continued safe and responsible operation of their business. A venue placing a ban on a person, when it can be justified, is a legitimate risk management approach.


Patron bans occur in three ways. They can be ordered by a court, they can be imposed by an individual venue or sometimes they involve a group of venues.


Courts may ban persons from specified premises or areas around licensed premises following violent incidents in or around licensed premises or as a condition of bail.


The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation recommends the following best practices when banning patrons:-

  • Procedures for imposing and enforcing a ban should be formalised and remain consistent with the principles of natural justice.
  • Group venue ban arrangements should adopt similar formal processes.
  • Venues must not discriminate when imposing a ban and management should be familiar with the relevant law.
  • Patrons should be informed of the venue’s banning practices and procedures including, where applicable, group venue ban arrangements.
  • Where applicable, patrons should be informed that group venue bans involve the personal details of the banned person being given to other venues.
  • Keep personal information on banned persons secure as per your privacy policy.


Where these best practice principles are inconsistent with a legal standard under the Liquor Act or Liquor Regulation that specifically applies to your venue, including a condition of licence, then you are obligated to follow that legal standard.


Risk management is an integral part of good business practice. Many licensees have incorporated comprehensive and innovative risk assessment and management procedures into the day to day operations of their business to ensure that risks are minimised. You will learn more about risk management during your RMLV course with Club Training Australia.