Background Checks for Gaming Venue Staff

Responsible Service of GamblingOn light of my blog last week, I thought I’d write a quick rundown on the back of the gaming license abolishment and responsible gambling practices.  However, this time let’s focus on the staff.

OK, so as I said earlier all your staff will need to be RSG trained. What has happened now is that by eliminating the gaming licences, we are no longer having that security blanket of knowing that each of our staff is free from all criminal records and convictions, and not dodgy in any way.

This is a problem that I can foresee for a lot of venues. The best way to combat this issue, in my eyes, is to make sure that you perform PROPER background checks on your staff. This doesn’t just mean calling up the hotel or club they last worked and talking to the manager on duty. It means calling all of their referees as well as the past employers, to get a broad scope of what that staff member is like.  A good habit to get into is to change the questions you use in a reference check.

And let’s admit it, in the hospitality industry this is something we could all work on. Maybe go more along the lines of any problems with time variances during shifts, and questions of reliability and integrity. Basically and most of all – go with your GUT.

How does this relate to your gaming compliance? Different to my previous blogs, I know however by having the right staff in your venue, you are more likely to have a staff member willing to interact with your customers and pick up on any problems that they may have with regard to, you guessed it – gaming. Yes, there’s the link.

Remember: go with your gut. Do your research. And before you know it your gaming room will be full of amazing staff members who will be the positive face of your venue, and hopefully inject a sense of ambition into the rest of the team. Help them along the path of positive atmosphere for your patrons.

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