Assist patrons with counselling

Do you know what to do if a patrons asks about self-exclusion?When you are the Customer Liaison Officer at a gambling venue in Queensland it is important that you have a very good understanding of the different counselling services available to patrons.

If a patron approaches you and identifies that they are concerned about their gambling behaviour you need to be able to act quickly. It is extremely difficult for a person with a gambling problem to reach out for help therefore you want to feel comfortable that you are able to provide them with some useful information.

Remember that you are not a trained counsellor so the best way to help the patron is to explain their options and assist them in contacting a Gambling Help Service.

You may also wish to contact a local Gambling Help Service and establish a relationship with their organisation. Organising an appointment with one of their counsellors yourself to gain a stronger understanding of what happens in counselling will assist you as an effective Customer Liaison Officer.