Are you using technology APPropriately?

Great apps for hospitality operators

At the end of 2011 there were over 5.9 billion mobile phone subscribers across the world which is approximately 87% of the world’s population. In Australia, there are 30 million mobile phones, but only 20 million people! These facts are one of the main reasons that the Hospitality Industry is quickly moving into the age of technology to entice and excite patrons to their venues.

In the hotel space an array of apps are available for guests to use from the minute they walk into the venue. A number of large venues are currently trialling new technology using Smartphones as room keys, whether it is by sending an SMS door access code or by a wireless or Bluetooth system. Hotels around the world have embraced technology to the point where guests can now make hotel restaurant reservations, order room service, and even check in or out of the hotel without being in the building.

A variety of 5 star hotels are now issuing guests with Tablets for use during their stay. This is to better inform guests about the local region in which the hotel is situated whether it is about the best local bar, restaurants or attractions.  Of course this is the best way to up sell, educate and promote the services provided in the hotel.

Food and beverage outlets throughout Australia are also starting to embrace this technology. Restaurants are looking at new and unique ways to enhance the customer experience. Some restaurants are now using IPad/tablets on tables instead of menus, allowing patrons to browse the menu visually rather than in the written form. This form of menu enables the patron to order through the IPad/tablet direct to the kitchen or bar. It also allows the patron to browse the wine/beverage menu and have suggestions pre-programmed; furthermore patrons can email/SMS wines or cocktails that they enjoyed during the meal to their own phone or email account. Another advantage with these types of apps is that they can be adapted to your POS systems for streamlined payments through the system.

The bartending fraternity are also turning to technology to keep up with the times. Beverage companies are using apps to keep in touch with bartenders around the world as a means to introduce new products and cocktails. Due to the enormous variety of cocktails throughout the world, apps are being designed to help bartenders increase their product knowledge, repertoire and even skill base.

The technology that venues and team members can access now is only the tip of iceberg. Clubs, pubs and hotels now have the opportunity to tap into the future through a variety of applications for Smartphone’s and Tables alike.

At CTA we utilise apps in a variety of ways, from mystery shopping to student resources.   So ask yourself, is your venue reaping the rewards of utilising APPropriate technology?

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