Are you RSA ready for bar work?

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If you want to work in a job serving or selling alcohol within Australia, you are going to need to complete (SITHFAB002) Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol , or as it is more commonly known as RSA Training.

Our  online RSA course is delivered in QLD, NT, SA and WA so depending on which State you are wanting to work in, will decide which quick course is the right one for you as there are different requirements in some states. Alternatively, you may want to travel Australia and work in bars in each State, so you will need to check out where each certificate is valid! With it being so cost effective and quick to complete, there really is nothing stopping you.

The reason you will want your RSA training is not only just having the right piece of paper for the job, but it covers the skill and knowledge requirements you’ll need to be great at your job, plus some legislative requirements.

With quality RTO RSA training, you will learn to:

  • Understand your obligations under the law
  • Identify customers to whom alcohol service may be refused
  • Responsibly assist customers to drink within appropriate limits
  • Assist alcohol affected customers
  • Refuse service to customers in a professional manner

It really is quick, cost-effective and you can do it online with us today. You could literally be registered in 2 minutes for the RSA QLD course and on your way to having the certification you need to get that awesome bar job you have been eyeing off!

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