Apprentice Chefs ‘raising the steaks!’

Sick and tired of losing your apprentice for weeks at a time for training?

Would you like to see them train on the job in your kitchen?

Our dynamic Commercial Cookery team are training on site with no long block releases with more benefits for your Head Chef and your venue.

TheCTA Training Specialists recent appointment of our second full time dedicated Chef Trainer Aletia Ramscar confirms exciting times ahead for apprentice chefs in Queensland clubs partaking in CTA’s commercial cookery programs.

With all delivery on site, no long block releases to TAFE and the ability for your Head Chef to see your apprentice trained in front of them, venues are asking us to take over their apprentice training and development.

Our dynamic team of Paolo and Aletia are on the road, in every area of Queensland and would be delighted to assist you and your catering team with any needs you have.

For more information on how to transfer your existing apprentices to CTA Download the flyer or contact Bill Alexion on 0407 464 305 or