Apprentice Chef’s, Personal service, great results

Commercial Cookery ApprenticeshipsIn 2012, our Commercial Cookery experts Paolo Pavia and Aletia Ramscar oversaw the dramatic growth of our Apprentice Chef programs.

Our point of difference which is becoming increasingly popular is that the training is regular, personal and our team mentor your Apprentices.

We have signed up and/or completed nearly 200 Apprentices this year, and this looks like it will continue to grow rapidly. In 2013 we are also looking at clustering apprentices at custom built trade training centres across the State and also offering some butchery options through our partnership with Symbio Alliance.

Club Training Australia Commercial Cookery TrainersAdvantages of our program:

  • No five week block release
  • Personalised training
  • High completion rate
  • Regular interaction with Paolo or Aletia, apprentice and employer so you can track progress

In 2013 we will be adding to our growing team by looking for another passionate Chef trainer.

If you are interested in this program for your kitchen brigade, please contact CTA Business Solutions Advisor,  Scott Robertson on 0400 374 569 or