All New Workers Require An Induction

Online InductionAll new workers require adequate information and training to do their job safely. PCBUs should not assume that because a new worker has received prior education and training, especially those workers who have a trade, that they will know how to do the job safely. The procedures, materials or equipment may be unfamiliar to the new worker and thus present new and unfamiliar hazards. Consider an online module as part of your induction program.

The needs of individual workers need to be assessed. The individual’s experience and knowledge of the tasks and associated hazards need to be considered when developing their induction and training program. Language, cultural orientation, literacy and other needs must also be accommodated when providing information and training to new workers. Strategies to assist understanding include the use of interpreters, short simple English phrases, graphic images, audio/visual aids and demonstrations. Most importantly, the PCBU needs to check that the worker has understood the information and can subsequently demonstrate their understanding.

Contractors are also considered workers

It is being increasingly realised that there is a need to induct contractors and visitors, particularly in relation to security, health and safety matters. PCBUs should check relevant legislation to determine if they have any specific responsibilities in relation to ensuring the health and safety of contractors and others in their workplace. Even if there is no specific legislation regarding contractors, it is advisable that PCBUs, for matters they have control of, ensure contractors are working in a safe manner so that their own workers and others in the workplace are not injured. In particular, information regarding emergency procedures including emergency exits and first aid facilities should be provided. A good basis for contractor arrangements is to ensure that the same health and safety policies set for workers are applied to contractors and their workers.

Key people should be involved in induction

Induction should involve key people in the workplace. Who actually becomes involved in the induction will depend on the size of the company. Key people may include the PCBU, supervisor and others who have a specific health and safety functions, for example, health and safety officers and representatives.

Managers and supervisors have the most important role in the new inductio