Alcohol Impairs Behaviour

Responsible Service of AlcoholWe all know that the more alcohol consumed, the less control we have over our own bodies, but do we know how much alcohol it takes to have ZERO control? Your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level is a clear identifier of how much control you have over your body, as it identifies how much alcohol is in the body.

There are certain elements that can slow the rate of alcohol absorption into the blood stream and/or can determine your BAC level; food, type and quantity of alcohol consumed; weight, gender, medicines and fitness level. This is also the reason as to why certain people can consume more alcohol than others, and which can be linked to environmental and physical factors. 

For normal social drinkers, your highest BAC level will be achieved 30 minutes after your last drink; however, it can be as long as 60 minutes. If you drink large amounts of alcohol in a short period of time and/or large amounts of food has been consumed before alcohol consumption, the absorption phase may not be complete for up to 2 hours. 

BAC levels and the behaviours associated:

  • 0.03 | Feeling of being relaxed, more talkative, slightly slower reaction times.

  • 0.05 | Increased self-confidence, impaired judgement, slower reaction times and increased risk of accident or injury.

  • 0.075 | Nauseous, further loss of judgement, aggressive, talkative and your inhibitions are lowered.

  • 0.10 | Instable, argumentative, impaired balance, slurred speech, dizzy and the uncontrollable need to sleep.

  • 0.15 | Disorientated, apathetic, drowsy, decreased pain when injured and increased risk being in an accident.

  • 0.20 | Lethargic, very slow reaction times, unable to stand or walk on your own, vomiting and incontinence.

  • 0.30 | Hypothermia, vomiting, unable to move and coma. When you have consumed this amount of alcohol, your body can go into repertory paralysis and you are at risk of injury or death.

The more you consume, the less control you have over your cognitive functioning and motor skills, making it difficult to function without assistance. You should also keep in mind: if you have drank excessive amounts of alcohol to not operate machinery of any kind, including that of a vehicle. This is as you are not only putting yourself and passengers at risk, but you are also putting pedestrians and other motorists at risk. If you are consuming alcohol, consider how much you have consumed, your actions and your behaviour. You do not want to do something that you will regret for the rest of your life.

Alcohol is a drug.