Alcohol Content in Standard Drinks

Responsible Service of AlcoholIn your role of providing responsible service, you must provide accurate information on alcoholic beverages to customers.

Let’s look at the different liquors available for sale and their alcoholic content.

When offering advice to customers on the range of liquor products available, you need to be aware of the five basic types of alcoholic drinks and their alcohol contents.

Beer – alcohol content about between 2% and 6% by volume

Table wine – approximately 10%-12% alcohol by volume

Fortified wine – about 20% alcohol by volume

Spirits – average strength of 40% alcohol by volume

Liqueurs – alcohol content varies greatly from 17% to 58% by volume

Note: Ciders (0%–7% alcohol by volume) and Ready to Drink (RTDs) pre-mixers/alcoholic sodas (4%–7% alcohol by volume), such as alcopops and wine coolers, are examples of products gaining popularity among younger consumers.

The information in this blog is designed to help Licensees and RSA staff practice responsible service, by giving customers accurate information and encouraging them to drink within appropriate limits.