Alcohol can cause Brain Damage

Responsible Service of AlcoholCan alcohol cause brain damage? The answer is yes. Each time you consume alcohol, you are putting yourself at risk of long-term and/or short-term brain damage. Studies show that there is a link between heavy drinking and physical brain damage that is irreversible, and for some, it could be due to genetic susceptibility.

The injury caused by alcohol abuse to the brain is known as alcohol-related brain injury (ARBI), and it is despondently reported that over 2,500 Australians are treated for ARBI each year. The extent or damage caused to the brain depends on a person’s age, gender, nutrition and the amount of alcohol consumed.

The more often you consume high levels of alcohol, the more likely you are to be effected by ARBI; however, binge drinking can also cause serious and long-term brain damage. Consuming alcohol can affect your higher mental functions and also your social interactions.

Researchers have just identified that consuming alcohol, at any level, affects our brain and is also just as dangerous as taking recreational drugs. Therefore, no matter if you are a social drinker, you are still damaging your brain in some way.

Overall, consuming alcohol can have long- and short-term impacts on your brain, which can leave you physically and mentally injured. Alcohol can impact your life; before you drink consider the long- and short-term implications. To learn more about the long- and short-term implications of alcohol, complete an online RSA.