Alcohol and pregnancy

Rsa onlineDuring your RSA online training course you learn about the harmful effects of consuming alcohol while pregnant.

There are new national guidelines for alcohol consumption that have been developed by the National Health and Medical Research Council to help reduce the risk of harm from alcohol to both a mother and her baby. The guidelines are based on the best available scientific research and evidence.

Consuming alcohol during pregnancy may increase the risk of harm to the baby. For women who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy, the safest option is not to drink alcohol.

For women who are breastfeeding, the safest option is not to drink alcohol. However, mothers who are breastfeeding and choose to drink alcohol are advised to:

  • Try to avoid alcohol in the first month after the baby is born until breastfeeding is well-established
  • After that, alcohol intake should be limited to no more than two standard drinks a day
  • You should not drink alcohol immediately before breastfeeding
  • Consider expressing milk in advance before drinking alcohol

RSA is more than just a certificate, it’s a reponsiblity to the community to assist reduce harm associated with alcohol consumption.