Alcohol and gambling patrons

Responsible Service of GamblingThe Queensland Responsible Gambling Code of Practice has outlined eight (8) key areas and best practices to ensure that the physical environment of a gambling venue is safe for patrons, and supports responsible gambling. Two of these measures address the way gambling patrons are served alcohol.

1. Alcohol service to encourage breaks in play

The service of alcohol in the gambling venue should be managed in a way that encourages players to take breaks from playing poker machines. Venues should consider restricting tray service in the gaming room, and requiring gaming players to purchase all drinks from the bar. Other initiatives could include not offering drink promotions to patrons who are gambling.

2. Intoxicated patrons are not allowed to gamble

Patrons who are unduly intoxicated are not permitted to continue to gamble. All venue staff should be trained in the responsible service of alcohol to assist in the early detection and prevention of undue intoxication.

RSG staff must ensure that gambling patrons are not encouraged to drink excessively.