A Chef, a Kitchen, Some Sharp Knives & a Management Team… Disaster Chef Anyone?

We received a call from the Wynnum Manly Leagues Club group recently, they were looking for some fun activities that the venue could use as a team bonding session with the Club’s Leadership group! The usual ideas were suggested – paintball, rock climbing, even alcohol…. but our General Manager had other ideas! 

After speaking with Aaron from CTA about the Disaster Chef concept, which involved a Chef, a kitchen and sharp knives they thought that this would be the perfect option for their team – after all, what could possibly go wrong? Right! 

Suffice to say a fantastic day was had by all in the kitchen. The feedback from the group on the day was very positive, fun, interactive, and something a little bit different they said. It was an absolute bonus they also got to enjoy good, tasty food at the end of the session – dinner and a show! 

“With a relatively fresh team, Disaster Chef with the CTA Training team helped with communication, teamwork, noticing different personalities, and following recipes (direction) – a great team building exercise we’d recommend to other venues”
James McIntyre, Chief Operating Officer, Wynnum Manly Leagues Club

So, if you’d like to consider a fun, yet slightly different style of team building with leadership crew, why not consider Disaster Chef with CTA – it’s a true pressure test of skill, teamwork, confidence and grit!

Sound like something you want to experience with your team? Call Aaron Bray, General Manager of CTA Training today to discuss on 0447 464 333, or email [email protected].