Meet Kerry Woodley; superstar & banana bread enthusiast

food safety supervisorWe all face challenges everyday but can you imagine if your challenge was based, on the majority, personal perception or a stereotype centuries old.

Kerry Woodley this year completed her Certificate III in Hospitality with Blue Care Respite Centre Atherton.

Kerry is a proud Indigenous Australian whose life ambition is to make this world a better and happier place. Not only did Kerry show up for training every month, she always bought with her a great attitude, an eagerness to learn, a good yarn and the occasional loaf of Banana bread.

Kerry followed her passion for cooking and in September 2011, secured a position in the kitchen with the Blue Care team and when the opportunity of a traineeship arose, she couldn’t sign the paperwork fast enough. Not only was the traineeship a chance for her to earn a qualification, Kerry was also able to show her young family that there are opportunities out there if you are willing to work hard. Since earning her Certificate III, Kerry has also gone on to complete her Food Safety Supervisor’s course and is looking forward to future study opportunities.

Currently Kerry is battling a huge issue in her personal life and I know she will tackle this problem with the same determination and positive attitude she displayed to her studies. She will fight this issue with her customary smile and infectious laugh and then probably use her experiences to help others.

Kerry is truly inspirational, not only for her family and myself, but for all of us who wake up in the morning and sometimes think life is just too hard. We need to do what Kerry does, sit down, have a laugh and then tackle it hard. You will be surprised what you can accomplish and once it’s done, you can then treat yourself to a piece of Banana Bread.

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Todd Darragh, Club Training Australia

Todd Darragh