Acceptable Practices And Promotions For The Service And Supply of Liquor

Responsible Management of Licensed PremisesSection 41A of the Liquor Regulation 2002 prescribes examples of acceptable practices or promotions under the Liquor Act. The examples below are acceptable practices for licensees and approved managers:

Competitions with prizes of food, meal deals or other non-liquor prizes are acceptable
Deterring patrons from taking part in skolling games

Supplying liquor in standardised quantities that can be recognised by patrons is acceptable

  • Serving spirits in measured nips

  • Serving liquor in glasses or jugs marked with measured quantities

  • Supplying liquor in prepacked containers labelled with measured quantities

Serving half measures of spirits on request

Promotions involving low alcohol liquor, where it is clear from the advertising and promotional material that it is a low alcohol liquor promotion, are acceptable

Free liquor – A complimentary standard drink upon arrival is acceptable

Wine buffets and drink packages are acceptable provided:

  • The function/event involves a full meal or banquet;

  • There are measures to monitor and control a patron’s consumption of liquor;and

  • Appropriate action is taken to discourage rapid or excessive consumption of liquor.

Helping patrons to arrange transport from the premises is acceptable

  • Arranging the supply and convenient positioning of public telephones displaying   telephone   numbers for taxis and emergency services

  • Allowing staff to make telephone calls to arrange transport for patrons

  • Providing appropriate lighting inside and outside the premises.