$8,000 fines for staff who serve alcohol to minors?

Did you know you can personally be fined $8,000 for supply alcohol to a minor?Did you know that staff working on licensed premises can personally be fined $8,000 for supplying alcohol to a minor? RSA laws in Queensland impose steep penalties.

In Queensland, anyone under the age of 18 is considered a minor. On licensed premises minors cannot be:

– Sold liquor
– Supplied liquor or allowed to be supplied liquor
– Allowed to consume liquor

Not only are you responsible for refusing to sell liquor to a minor, legally you must also prevent liquor from being supplied to a minor or consumed by a minor. If another patron purchases liquor for a minor at your venue and the minor consumes the liquor on the premises, you could also be liable for allowing the minor to consume the liquor.

Check out this example. You are working in the bar when an elderly man comes to the bar and buys a bottle of wine and asks for three glasses. You serve him with a smile but later when you are clearing tables you see him, his wife and a young girl all drinking the wine. You approach the table and the man tells you, “our granddaughter is 16 today so we are having a little glass of wine to celebrate her birthday!”.

Yes, you personally could be fined $8,000 for allowing the underage girl to consume alcohol.

Responsible Service of Alcohol laws apply to management, staff and patrons on licensed premises. Make sure you know your roles and responsibilities when dealing with minors by enrolling in our online RSA Training Course.