7 Principles of Preventing Irresponsible Consumption of Alcohol

Responsible Management of Licensed PremisesUsing activities to promote your venue is a great way to improve business and create an enjoyable atmosphere for your patrons.  However, it is important to take care in avoiding alcohol-related activities that could potentially cause harm to not just your patrons, but members of the public, or staff.

Here are seven (7) important principles concerning the irresponsible consumption of liquor.



Example of an unacceptable practice

1. Advertising or promotion of liquor should not encourage excessive drinking

Drinking games, dares or challenges that encourage patrons to drink excessive amounts of alcohol

2. Advertising or promotion of liquor should not encourage patrons to stockpile drinks for consumption off-site

Promotions that encourage the patron to consume alcohol in rapid succession, in a single purchase or transaction

3. Advertising or promotion of liquor should not involve the availability of non-standard sized drinks or excessively large drinking receptacles

Serving alcohol in a yard glass for skolling or pouring liquor directly into a patron’s mouth

4. Advertising or promotion of liquor must not condone rapid or excessive drinking and anti-social behaviour

Providing discounted drinks with a high alcohol content that promotes rapid, excessive drinking

5. Advertising or promoting liquor involving ‘happy hours,’ free drinks or discounted drinks must have appropriate time limits and controls set

Providing extreme discounts on drinks with high alcohol content such as $1 shots or $50 entry, including free drinks all night

6. Do not place limited free liquor as the primary focus of any ancillary promotion to products or services

Advertising that focuses exclusively on free alcohol when there are other alternative activities to promote

7. If the advertising or promotion involves the inclusion of unlimited liquor included within the entry fee, any promotional content must promote responsible service of alcohol practices

Communication that explicitly focuses on the provision of free alcohol, such as messages including ‘all you can drink’ or ‘drink until you get smashed!’

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