5 ways to minimise chemical hazards

Risk Management: minimsing chemical hazardsEvery year there are accidents and injuries in the hospitality sector, with some quite serious. We are quick to forget sometimes that we have hazards in the kitchen, on the floor and outside our venues.

Health and safety fast facts for hospitality

In the last three months alone there have been nasty accidents involving chemicals. 5 key points to ensure you minimise the risk of accidents are:

  • Chemicals stored in a locked, well lit, ventilated area
  • Material data sheets must be stored with the chemicals
  • Staff are trained in appropriate use of chemicals
  • All chemicals are labelled correctly
  • Staff utilise Personal Protective equipment (PPE)

The Hospitality Industry needs to be on its toes, lifting it’s game in reducing the risks associated with chemicals.

CTA has two new products that help:

  • Director and Management due diligence to OHS Workshop
  • Emergency Planning.

The second of these two courses leads into the next hot topic in OHS on regulations in relation to Emergency Planning – more information will be in our next newsletter, but a snapshot is that CTA can help to ensure:

  • Every business has an Emergency Control Plan
  • Every business has an Emergency Control Organisation (ECO)

For information on OHS in your venue and CTA courses contact Occupational Health and Safety Training Consultant, Danny Hickey on 0458 464 444 or email.