3am lockout

Do you understand the 3am lockout for licensed premises in Queensland?The 3am lockout is a legislative reform that was introduced in Brisbane April 2005 before being rolled out to the rest of the state in July 2006.

The lockout allows licensees with extended hours permits to continue trading until 5am, after 3am however, patrons are not allowed to enter or re-enter the premises. So if patrons go outside to smoke, or move their car, or meet up with friends, they are not allowed back inside the venue.

The 3am lockout applies to all late-trading licensed premises operating across Queensland and aims to safeguard patrons, the community and hospitality workers from liquor-related harm in and around licensed venues. Lockout times were set at 3am as the 3am to 5am trading is considered a high-risk period.

The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) have a factsheet for licensees and approved managers which outlines 3am lockouts.

Even though lockouts are intended as a crime prevention strategy they have been met with some opposition through a number of online campaigns such as the ” End the 3AM Lockout” Facebook page as well as a number of dedicated twitter accounts. Shortly before the state election (then) Premier Anna Bligh promised to axe the campaign during a three-month trial, while the Newman government is whispered to be currently revising lockout laws.

Club Training Australia is not in any way affiliated with these or any other campaigns, our role at Club Training Australia is to help licensees and approved managers stay informed, meet their legislative requirements and promote safe and responsible trading practices.