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Hiring a Security Firm at Your Venue | RMLV


Hiring a security firm is an important factor for licensees and approved managers – RMLV -.   To create a diverse and competitive pool of applicants, advertise the opportunity and request written applications. The application can then be examined to establish the character, reputation, experience and qualifications of the firm and each partner/director as a provider […]

Responsibilities of a Food Safety Supervisor NSW

Food safety supervisor NSW

When it comes to a food business, everyone has a responsibility to be able to handle food properly. These means that everyone, from servers to business owners or employers, must be aware of what food safety entails with regards to their respective work. This is where a Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) is important. The role of […]

Food Safety Supervisor NSW | The Dangers of Improper Food Handling

Food safety supervisor NSW

Food safety is everywhere we go. From our kitchens to food processing centres and restaurants, food safety is used to ensure the quality of our meals. When it comes to food businesses, Food Safety Supervisor NSW or Food Safety Supervisors (FSSs) are responsible for providing the standards of food safety. They oversee many aspects of food […]

Strategies to Prevent Intoxication | RSA

rsa qld

Licensees should be aware that their premises would be more attractive, profitable and they may have lower staff turnover if they avoid problems caused by intoxicated customers. RSA QLD personnel will also find that they can perform better in an environment without the intoxicated customers. Some strategies to prevent problems with intoxicated customers are: Avoiding […]

The Importance of Food Handler Certificate Training

Food safety supervisor NSW

There are food businesses that arrange training for a Food Safety Supervisor NSW or two, but don’t provide the rest of their team with the appropriate skills and knowledge to handle food safely, such as a food handler certificate.  This practice does not only break the law, but also puts customers at risk, and the […]

RSA, minors and duplicate licenses


When working on a licensed premises in Queensland and delivering responsible service of alcohol (RSA), you have an obligation to ensure that minors are not served alcohol. You may not be aware but some minors take the documents of adults to the Queensland Department of Transport and fraudulently obtain a duplicate learner’s permit or duplicate driver’s […]

What is a Food Safety Program and a Food Safety Supervisor?

Food Safety Supervisor

A food safety program is a document that identifies and controls food safety hazards when handling food and is generally the responsibility of the Food Safety Supervisor.   The food safety program must be retained at the premises of the food business and must: identify food safety hazards that are reasonably likely to occur within food […]

Work Health and Safety Duties

Safe workplace

The Work Health and Safety Act 2011  places health and safety duties on a number of persons, such as persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU), officers, workers and other persons at a workplace. Undertaking courses such as Food Safety, First Aid and Fire Warden training is an excellent way to maintain your prevent your staff […]

RSG/RGS and History of Gambling


Do you work as a gaming employee on a licensed premises in Queensland and provide SITHGAM001 Provide Responsible Gambling Services (RSG/RGS)? Here is a little history lesson on one of mankind’s oldest activities. Games of chance are as old as time, one of the oldest human activities based on evidence found in tombs and other […]

Recipe: Balsamic Glazed Pork Ribs, Black Pepper


This is not your everyday, sticky pork ribs recipe. These ribs are glazed and cooked in balsamic vinegar, sugar and black pepper. Perfect to enjoy with your family on a Sunday evening. Courtesy of Clubs Queensland. Download the recipe HERE.   (Serves 4) Ingredients Pork 2 sheets of meaty American style pork ribs Brine 1 cup sea […]

Food handling, cleaning and sanitising to prevent food-borne illness

Food handler

Food businesses must maintain a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene at their premises when food handling. This includes equipment, fixtures and fittings as well as the vehicles that are used to transport food. Food Handlers are expected to uphold a standard of cleanliness that ensures there is no accumulation of garbage, recycled matter, food […]

How pokies work and RSG/RGS


When working as a gaming employee on licensed premises in Queensland it is important to understand how a poker machine works so you can deliver SITHGAM001 Provide Responsible Gambling Services (RSG/RGS). Poker machines have come a long way since the days of the old. These days, poker machines are electronic and generally referred to as […]