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RSA: What is a responsible adult for a minor?


When you work in licensed premises in an RSA QLD role, you need to know that some licensed premises allow minors into their venues if they are accompanied by a “responsible adult.” So what exactly is a responsible adult? In Queensland, a responsible adult in relation to a minor is: a parent a step-parent or […]

Personal hygiene for food handlers

Food handlers

Food Handlers have legal responsibilities According to Food Safety Standard 3.2.2 Food Safety Practices and General Requirements, a food handler is legally required to ensure their own personal hygiene practices and cleanliness must minimise the risk of food contamination. CTA delivers a nationally recognised training course called SITXFSA001 Use Hygiene Practices for Food Safety which […]

RMLV: Responsible Management Practices on Licensed Premises

RMLV and Controlling Environmental Factors You may have heard of alcohol-related harm making the headlines lately.  It is a fact that violence and anti-social behaviour can occur in various levels within licensed premises.  However, there are various steps that you, as a Responsible Manager, can take to prevent alcohol-related harm before it occurs. Some steps […]

Recipe: Pork Cotoletta with Italian Coleslaw


Try the best of Italian cooking at the comfort of your home with this Pork Cotoletta with Italian Coleslaw recipe. These pork cutlets are cooked freshly with a breadcrumb, egg and parmesan crumb, accompanied with an authentic Italian coleslaw made with basil, mint and watercress.  Download the recipe HERE.   (Serves 2) Ingredients (For the pork) […]

Best Food Safety Practices for Food Safety Supervisor NSW

Food Safety Supervisor NSW Food safety is the practice of correctly handling, preparing, and storing food items to cut the risks of foodborne illnesses. Its primary goal is to prevent food contamination, which can result in various health risks. Food poisoning refers to illnesses that are caused by drinking or eating contaminated beverages or food. […]

RSA Online: Do you know how to estimate Blood Alcohol Concentration?

RSA online

RSA Online and Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Learning to estimate Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is fundamental to the responsible service of alcohol. Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is simply how much alcohol is in the body. BAC is measured in grams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood (g%). For example, a BAC of 0.05% means that […]

The Many Duties of a Food Safety Supervisor including Food Hygiene

Food Safety Supervisor

A supervisor in any business takes the role of the overseer of all actions within the workplace. In the food service industry, food hygiene supervisors have a number of responsibilities. It is their role to take the necessary measures to ensure that the food being prepared and served is safe for eating. With that, they […]

What needs to be in an RGS/RSG Online Video?

RSG Video

If you need to renew your RGS/RSG online, or looking to work in a venue that provides gambling services within Australia, it might sound strange or even avoidable that you must upload a RSG online video to complete your RSG training online. However, in line with the Australian Government Department of Education & Training course […]

RMLV Course: Banning patrons and risk management

rmlv course

One of the objectives of the RMLV course (Responsible Management of Licensed Venues) training is to encourage licensees and approved managers to use risk management and self-audit processes for the continued safe and responsible operation of their business. A venue placing a ban on a person, when it can be justified, is a legitimate risk […]

Recipe: Winter Warmer Lamb Shoulder

Lamb Shoulder

Perfect for those chilly evenings, this delicious lamb shoulder recipe is not just full of proteins and nutrients but is also full of flavour with a mix of red wine, tomato puree, garlic and thyme. Courtesy of Clubs Queensland by Club Chef of the Year, Matthew Smyth from Nambour RSL. Download the recipe HERE.   (Serves […]

How to Qualify for a Food Safety Supervisor NSW Position

Food Safety Supervisor

According to the NSW Food Act of 2003, there are particular food businesses in the retail foodservice and hospitality sector in New South Wales that requires at least one (1) FSS or Food Safety Supervisor NSW.   An FSS is a trained individual whose aim is to identify and prevent risks that are associated with […]

RSA and standard drinks


As an employee working on licensed premises and delivering RSA (responsible service of alcohol) you are expected to provide ACCURATE information to customers on alcoholic beverages including types, strengths, standard drinks and the percentage of alcohol they contain. Different drinks contain different amounts of alcohol. Check the labels on containers of beer, wine and spirits, you […]