2018 Club Super Leadership Institute Alumni Event Wrap

Since 2002, the Club Super Leadership Institute (formerly known as the Fosters Leadership Program) has offered 10 high performing individuals from within the industry, an opportunity to gain a highly coveted Diploma of Leadership & Management. More than just educational credentials, this program delivers industry recognition and continual professional development throughout a dedicated 12-month scholarship program.

The aim of the program is to create leaders of excellence to prosper within the Club Industry by creating a platform for future leaders to continue their education and create professional relationships with industry peers and stakeholders.

The third Alumni event was held at the Queensland Cricketer’s Club on Friday 16th November and the theme of the conference was invest, growth and future. It was a wonderful day of celebrations, and a great networking opportunity for all of the guests. With over 50 managers attending from Clubs across the state, alongside sponsors, supporters and of course our 2018 participants, the attendees were treated to a beautiful function venue, fine food,  and some fantastic guest speakers.

Our guest speakers on the day included Mitchell Bowen, Managing Director of Aristocrat ANZ & International. Mitchell is responsible for the definition and creation of the overall ANZ and International Class III business strategy, with a strong focus on product portfolio development, research, insights and commercial strategy.  He spoke about the history and journey of Aristocrat and how strategy and organisational culture play a big part in a company’s future success.

clsi 2018

Former Captain of the Australian Women’s Hockeyroos Team and Olympic Gold Medallist Nikki Hudson OAM also joined us for this prestigious event.  As an extremely successful player in the game’s history, Nikki became the first person to play 300 games for Australia.  She spoke to the conference attendees about the importance of investing in your own personal growth and how it can ultimately benefit teams and organisations that you work with and work for throughout your life.  She talked about leaders and mentors who played a large role throughout her sporting career and the importance of how you contribute to a team effectively and ultimately leaving ego at the door.

clsi 2018

Dr John Barletta, Psychologist & Emotional Intelligence Specialist, provided an entertaining session and helped us better understand the key elements of emotional intelligence using a cupcake analogy, as well as providing great insights on how to get the best out of your team.

clsi 2018

The final speaker of the day was Grant Johnstone, Head of Digital for the ACE Radio Network and General Manager of ACE Digital in Victoria and a media buff with over 30 years experience.  He provided an insightful presentation on the world of social media – a fundamental shift in the way in which we now communicate and reach our target audiences.  He provided some practical examples and ideas for the group to implement in order to achieve additional growth in their venues as well as his “10 Laws of Social Media Success”.

clsi 2018

Over the years the Queensland Club Industry has fostered many outstanding industry leaders who have ranged from Duty Managers, Marketing Managers right up to General Managers and CEOs. Regardless of where each manager began, there is a common characteristic of natural leadership and a passion for continual professional development that keeps them at the top of their industry.

And, while we are experiencing a mixture of sadness and excitement as we say goodbye to our current leadership crew, we are thrilled to welcome our next 10 participants on their new journey. This program really reinforces the essence of what our industry is all about. #CSLI #CSLI2018