What is Responsible Service of Gambling Course

What is Responsible Service of Gambling Course


We all know that liquor and gaming industries in Australia are growing and a lot of people are into these services. Some people make a living of it and for others, it’s just a hobby. But for gaming business owners and people involved in gaming services, it is important to have appropriate Responsible Service of Gambling (RSG) certification in order to avoid legal issues. It is mandated by law that people who are involved in liquor and gambling industries in Australia are required to have legal certificates. There are companies who offer certifications and you can also get RSG online.

Why do you need RSG Training?

People who are working in gaming services are required to complete and get an approved Responsible Service of Gambling training course. Business owners involved in gaming services should check that all their staff and workers have completed their RSG course with legal certifications. It is essential for workers with gaming duties to complete this course in order to avoid penalties and future problems.

Workers in hotel or club who carry out gaming duties are required to get a Responsible Service of Alcohol training for 3 months on the day of employment. Before conducting this training, the course must include an eligible licensee, a gaming nominee and the one who has gaming duties or tasks.

Several tasks of staffs involved in gaming duties:

  • Issues gaming machine keys to employees for security purposes
  • Arranging repairs to gaming equipment
  • Supervising staffs who conduct gaming
  • Giving access to internal parts of the gaming machine
  • Supervising money clearances

Business owners are the ones responsible for ensuring that their management and employees do have the appropriate and legal RSG Online certificates to avoid penalties. This course and training will give the appropriate skills and knowledge in gaming services. With Club Training Australia’s expertise and experience in this field, you can get your reliable training and certificate fast and easy!