Monthly Archives: September 2013

Workplace Incident Investigations

What is the purpose of an incident investigation? Other than to further interrupt the running of your workplace, in reality, undertaking an incident investigation is an important part of establishing a safe working environment – to prevent any further incidents from occurring. Incident investigations are primarily undertaken to establish the causal factors of the event. […]

Best Privacy Practice When Using ID Scanners

To help staff authenticate IDs, it’s increasingly common to see ID scanners being utilised in licensed venues.  However, there has been some conjecture that these devices do not respect the patron’s privacy. If ID scanners are used inappropriately, you may end up violating the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988.  So what can you do to ensure […]

Prevention of Intoxication

RSA staff will find that their work is more pleasant without the intoxicated customer. Therefore, licensees should be aware that their premises would be more attractive, profitable and they may have lower staff turnover if they avoid problems caused by intoxicated customers. Not only is the prevention of intoxication a part of mandatory responsible hospitality […]

Customer is King

You want customers leaving your venue saying – “What great customer service!” your venue provided. Great customer service is the key to maintaining regular customers and ensuring that a customer comes back, time and time again. After all, your customer is the most important element of your venue, and keeping them happy is the overall […]

Training The Trainers

Supervisors, team leaders and managers should receive the same training as all employees when it comes to workplace health and safety (WHS). These pinnacle staff members assist in policy-making that affects WHS within a business, and are normally the staff that conduct staff member training in WHS. Therefore, they need to be equipped for the […]