Monthly Archives: June 2013

Safety of New Workers via Induction Programs

Statistics continually show that new workers are more likely to have accidents than other workers, regardless of the industry they work in, their age or occupation. Thus the person in charge of the business or undertaking (PCBU) needs to address the health and safety issues affecting new workers.  An induction program is one way of […]

Gambling Player Loyalty Programs: Practices for Clubs and Hotels (Part III)

Last time, we talked about the basic terms used in Player Loyalty Programs or PLP.  This week, we’ll be looking at PLP reward point accrual or redemption mechanisms. Practice 5 outlines that PLP reward point accrual or redemption mechanisms do not focus exclusively on gambling activities where other venue activities are available, where practicable.  Here […]

Hospitality and Verbal Communication Go Hand in Hand

Why is verbal communication important within the hospitality industry? People always tell to us that communication is important, but they never explain why. So really why is it so important and what are the keys to exceptional verbal communication? When completing a school based traineeship, you will learn in-depth the reasons as to why verbal […]

Start your own Liquor Accord – Part 2

You may have remembered us talking about the principles of liquor accords recently.  This week, we look into what a steering committee is and what it means for your venue. One of the first goals you should implement when establishing a liquor accord is establishing a steering committee.  The main role of this committee is […]