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Cleaning Beverage Dispensers in The Bar

All hospitality establishments and bars have a range of beverage dispensers, and all must be cleaned and sanitised. Beer Panels – beer panels are comprised of a beer tap or taps (fonts), drip trays and often an instantaneous cooler (Temprite) under the bar counter. To clean beer panels:

Matters to Be Addressed In the Risk Assessed Management Plan (RAMP)

The following matters are to be addressed in a risk assessed management plan (RAMP): 1. Responsible service of alcohol (RSA) – description of practices and training for staff employed to ensure RSA. 2. Liquor accord – details of membership if applicable and matters addressed by the liquor accord.

Removal of Gaming Licences for Venue Staff in Queensland

By now you would have all guessed that I tend to write on the questions that were asked during training, for I find Customer Liaison Officers that they are the most interesting, and basically what is on everyone’s mind! So… in saying that…I’ve had a lot of people ask me this week during my gaming […]